Survival Enhanced | 1.1.0

Survival Enhanced 1.11

114 Mods | Minecraft 1.11.2

Name Version Author
1.12 Concrete v 1.0 Dbrown55
AbyssalCraft 1.9.4-pre-2 shinoow
Akashic Tome 1.1-7 Vazkii
Animania RazzleberryFox, Purplicious_Cow, cy4n
AppleCore 2.1.2 No Author Given
AppleSkin 1.0.6 squeek
Aroma1997Core ${version} Aroma1997, Schillaa
Aroma1997Core|Helper 1.0 No Author Given
AromaBackup 1.0 No Author Given
AromaBackupRecovery 1.0 No Author Given
AutoRegLib 1.1-4 Vazkii
Backpacks! 3.1.9 Brad16840
Baubles 1.4.4 No Author Given
Better Builder's Wands 0.11.1 Portablejim
Better With Mods 1.1.6 BeetoGuy
BetterThanBunnies 1.11-1.1.0 iChun
Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry 1.11-2.1.9-78 No Author Given
Bookshelf darkhax, lclc98
Botania r1.9-343 No Author Given
Chameleon 1.11-3.0.2 jaquadro
Chisel MC1.11.2- tterrag, Drullkus, minecreatr
Chisels & Bits 13.10 AlgorithmX2
Colossal Chests 1.5.2 rubensworks (aka kroeserr)
CommonCapabilities 1.3.2 rubensworks (aka kroeserr)
Cooking for Blockheads 5.3.20 BlayTheNinth
Coral Reef 1.0 primetoxinz, Nandonalt
Crafttweaker 3.0.24 No Author Given
CraftTweaker JEI Support 1.0.1 No Author Given
CreativeCore 1.7.4 CreativeMD, N247S
CreativeCoreDummy 1.0.0 CreativeMD
CT-GUI 1.0.0 No Author Given
CustomNPCs 1.11.2 Noppes
Cyclic 1.3.6 Lothrazar
Cyclops Core 0.10.2 rubensworks (aka kroeserr), immortaleeb (aka _EeB_)
Dark Utilities Darkhax
DeathCounter 1.0.0 iChun
Decocraft 2.4.2 RazzleberryFox
Edible Bugs Mod Eractnod
Extra Bit Manipulation 1.11.2-3.0.6 Phylogeny
extrautils2 1.0 No Author Given
Fairy Lights 2.1.0 pau101
Fast Leaf Decay v12 Olafski
Flat Colored Blocks mc1.11-5.1 AlgorithmX2
Floocraft 1.7.7 FredTargaryen
FoamFix @VERSION@ No Author Given
Forestry SirSengir, mezz
Forge Mod Loader cpw, LexManos, Player
Gravestone 1.7.2 Max Henkel
Guide-API 1.11.2-2.1.1-52 Tombenpotter, TehNut
InitialInventory 2.0.1 No Author Given
Integrated Dynamics 0.6.12 rubensworks (aka kroeserr)
Integrated Tunnels 1.1.2 rubensworks (aka kroeserr)
Inventory Tweaks 1.62+beta.86.e69c6bf No Author Given
Iron Chest 1.11.2- cpw
Item Scroller 0.11.0 masa
IvToolkit 1.3.3 Ivorius
JACB 1.0.6 No Author Given
JourneyMap 1.11.2-5.4.6 techbrew, mysticdrew
Just Enough Items mezz
Just Enough Resources way2muchnoise
Level Up! ${version} BeetoGuy, PowerUp217, GotoLink
LittleTiles 1.4.8 CreativeMD, Shana
LittleTilesCore 1.0.0 CreativeMD
LootTweaker Leviathan143
LunatriusCore Lunatrius
Mantle 1.11.2- boni, progWML6, Alexbegt
MineColonies 1.11.2-0.7.832 MineColonies Mod Team
Minecraft 1.11.2 No Author Given
Minecraft Coder Pack 9.19 Searge, ProfMobius, IngisKahn, Fesh0r, r4wk, Zeux, LexManos, cpw, 303, Mr_Okushama, Cryect, Mysterio, bspkrs
Minecraft Forge LexManos, cpw, fry
Mod Support 0.35.3 No Author Given
ModLister 1.11.2-3.1.7 No Author Given
Morpheus 1.11.2-3.2.13 Quetzi
MTLib @VERSION@ Jaredlll08
Pam's HarvestCraft 1.11.2g Pamela Collins
Pipes CrafterKina
Placeable Items Mod 3.0.4 Ferdz, MasterianoX
Platforms 1.3.4 ShetiPhian
ptrmodellib 1.0.0 No Author Given
Quark r1.2-91 Vazkii, wiiv
Random Things 3.8.1 Lumien
Real Filing Cabinet 1.2.61 bafomdad
Recurrent Complex 1.3 Ivorius
Refined Storage 1.4.4 Refined Storage contributors
Roguelike Dungeons 1.6.6 Greymerk
Roots 2 0.016 Elucent, AlexisMachina, werty1124, SirShadow
Rough Tweaks 1.0 Lellson
Rustic 0.2 mangoose
Schematica Lunatrius
ShetiPhian-Core 3.4.4 ShetiPhian
Statues mod 0.6.1 svennieke
Stellar API Abastro
Stellar Sky Abastro
Storage Drawers 1.11.2-4.2.3 jaquadro
The Basic Elements 1.77 No Author Given
The One Probe 1.4.6 McJty
The Spice of Life 1.3.8 squeek
Tinkers' Construct 1.11.2- boni, KnightMiner
TorchMaster xalcon
ToroHealth Damage Indicators 1.11.2-11 torocraft
Totemic 1.11.2-0.8.5 Pokefenn, ljfa
Tough As Nails @MOD_VERSION@ Adubbz, Forstride
TSON Craft TSON Craft 3 - 1.9.4 No Author Given
Useful Nullifiers 1.3.4 Bartz24
Vanilla Magic 1.11.2- Seia
Vein Miner 0.35.3 No Author Given
ViesCraft 4.30.29 Viesis
Viesis' Dismounter v1.1a-mc1.11.0 Viesis
Waddles 0.5.1 Girafi
Wand of Experience Mod 1.0 NumbSkies
Wearable Backpacks 2.3.2 copygirl, asiekierka
WebShooter 1.0.1 Joseph C. Sible
Wolf Armor and Storage 1.3.2 CenturionFox
Woot 1.11.2-0.2.0 No Author Given